Oliver Bothwell
nzz NZZ am Sonntag
Redesign of the Sunday edition of the Swiss-German newspaper
svd Svenska Dagbladet Kultur magazine
Redesign of SvD’s Sunday culture magazine supplement
4th Floor Fourth Floor Corner Shop
Designed by North. Identity and website for a temporary shop at Fourth Floor
MC Marlborough Contemporary
Designed by North. Identity for a new gallery from the prestigious Marlborough Fine Art
tpg The Photographers’ Gallery
Designed by North. Identity and literature launched with TPG’s new building
Great Expectations Great Expectations
Designed by North. A book of Page 1's of this classic novel
Artteas Artteas
Designed by North. Identity and website for this new tea shop in Abu Dhabi
Eureka Eureka iPad app
An iPad app exploring how science and sport are changing the human race
Eureka Magazine Eureka magazine
Infographics for The Times’ monthly science supplement
Super Graphics Super Graphics
Identity, catalogue, website and exhibition
ESA European Space Agency
Redesign of ESA's quarterly publication
Metric Clock Metric Clock
What time is it in Metric Time?
Metric Diary Metric Diary
Imagine a world where time is divided into 10– and not 24–hours a day
FMH Finchley Memorial Hospital wayfinding
A wayfinding solution for Finchley's new hospital
UK Politics UK Politics
How undemocratic is democracy?